The 5 Star  Mobile Dj Experience 
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You're wedding reception, parties, work do and more : 

Is guaranteed to be a hit if you hire kinky London entertainment.  


For many years now, the Djs on our rota system  have been trained to counteract with our customers, no matter what ages. 


Kinky London personally hand picks every playlist in order to make sure we have the right sound for your personal events ie: weddings, birthday parties, business events and more. 


We encourage our clientele/customers to submit a playlist of there favourite tracks to make your night that touch more personal.


Kinky London repertoire ranges from, Kisstory Anthems , Commercial Chart, RNB, Garage , Reggae, Reggaeton, 


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  • Hertfordshire, Beds and Bucks  England 

  • United Kingdom

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